Mind the gap


London Underground…

I was introduced to this unknown territory by my 2 brothers, they were probably betting each other taking this extreme step, in teaching me the underground “WAY OUT”

With my massive suitcase (i have little issues but loads of clothes) I was given 10pounds, left on the black line & had to find my way home, through different lines, intersections and streams of individuals, (I still admired the beautiful faces and the unexposed different fashions..) No cabs, no uber, delicious, no excuses, not enough cash….. the underground still to this day is stuck with me, the one thing I miss about London, finding my feet for 2 years on the most beautiful island of the world..an even thinking about the grumpy inexpressible humans┬ánext to you couching or sneezing their feelings all over, the crampness, it’s worth it… – an easy transport convenient way of getting home, once you make the tube – one always knew it was a fun, responsible night, the train that takes you home, back to make-believe, cause the night out was reality. metro tiles, canals fitted with history, wowness and disbelief.


I salute you character of underground..



i made it home, with my luggage, i did leave some crap behind, not necessary my luggage;)